This Email is from a former GYM CITY TEAM GYMNAST:  Jessica Greenhouse Dahl,
who now is a parent of 2 beautiful children that attend GYM CITY:

Hi Vinny, Anita and Elena — have you guys seen this NY Times article about Simone Biles?


My dad shared it with me and I love everything about it — her journey, her impact, the way she’s
pushing boundaries for women gymnasts everywhere. But mostly, I couldn’t read it without thinking
about you guys.

I always valued the way you treated us. The way you pushed us to be our best. You were hard on us when you needed to be… but never too hard. You created a safe, loving, team environment. You supported us through ups and downs. You believed in us.
You celebrated with us. You helped us grow as gymnasts and young women — teaching us life skills
and giving many of us our first jobs. You understood us as full people, not just as gymnasts. You were equally as proud of my academic, work and life accomplishments as you were of my gymnastics accomplishments.

And it’s because of that experience and treatment that I always considered the gym a home away from home and you all like family. It’s because of you that I’d always want to stop by every time I was home from college. That I would commute up from the city to make most holiday parties. That I couldn’t imagine my wedding without you there. That I would force myself out of the house with a newborn bc I wanted him to meet you. That I have been SO proud to bring my kids to Gym City. But I have to admit, I’m not sure I quite realized how special or unique it was. Because at Gym City, that’s just normal.
But reading this article and watching things like Athlete A, they’ve shone a light on just how special it is to have a gymnastics experience as amazing as all of us Gym City alumni have had.

So… just another “thanks for everything” all these years later.