for having Confidence in our 
 Nationally Renowned Program  
 We're Celebrating our 
40th Year!


Welcome to Gymnastics Cityone of the largest and best equipped Gymnastics schools in New York. 
We're celebrating our 40th year, where our Gym City staff has been teaching 
athletes of every age and ability, from:

    “Tiny Tots” 18 months to Junior Olympians 18 years old. 

Gym City is dedicated to maintaining an exceptionally fine “State of the Art” facility, quality equipment, 
and a safe and pleasant atmosphere.  In our nationally renowned program, our teachers and coaches
     possess the high caliber expertise necessary to enable each athlete to realize his or her fullest potential

Gymnastics City is teaching much more than just Cartwheels!  We are teaching that hard work 
brings success.  We provide a positive learning environment where a child can feel good about themselves 
in the pleasurable, structured, safe & secure surroundings. Gym City has gained a reputation as one of the 
premier gymnastics schools in the nation.  We are very proud of our professional staff, made up of very 
dedicated, devoted teachers.  They use positive teaching techniques, along with a caring, friendly attitude 
to insure that your child will have a fantastic experience that they will always remember. 


One parent wrote:

“Your philosophy of providing a nurturing environment for your young athletes is well-reflected in your continuing success.  Your emphasis on the child, 
and bringing out the best in everyone, no matter what their natural ability may be, has always been a hallmark of yours.  It is no accident that girls who 
have been through your program are self-assured, and well- rounded individuals.  As parents of two daughters who were part of the Gym City family, and 
members of your competitive team, we are very aware that their drive and focus has a lot to do with their countless hours of training.  Both girls considered 
Gym City their second home, and there is little doubt that it has shaped who they are today.”   
Another parent wrote: 
I have to tell you that the experience that Bailey gained at Gym City when we lived in NY was enormous. Thank you and your whole team on making a difference 
in so many young girls lives and teaching them the true meaning of hard work, dedication, respect and LOVE for their teammates!

And Another wrote on Yelp:  
My daughter has been at Gymnastics City for about 5 years and it has been so gratifying to watch her personal confidence grow and her skills improve. The instructors 
are encouraging and motivating and their system for developing the characteristic of a persevering attitude is a gift. One of the many instructors who stands out as far 
as developing an interest in gymnastics for my daughter is Ms. Amanda.  And Liz at the front desk is as knowledgeable as any about the world of gymnastics and cheer

As you probably know, we've been in the Gymnastics business for 40 years.  We're awfully good at it.  We want and
appreciate your business.
 We're also extremely proud of all of our Gymnastics awards we've won because of our

superior program, but we don't want to brag too much, our Moms wouldn't be happy with us.  But trust us, you won't

be disappointed with our nationally renowned programs. 

We'd like to say this is the best place in the whole world for kids, but it might sound like we're bragging again, (sorry, Mom!)
but it really is exciting and lots of FUN.

Gymnastics City is all about FUN.                                                                                    

Please call:  (914) 734 -1616 

Thank you,

Vinny & Anita Savastano