Longtime residents of Cortlandt Manor and Yorktown, Vinny and Anita Savastano, started the Gymnastics City Program in Cortlandt Manor
August of 1980.  Vinny, a graduate of NYU ( New York University ) taught in the Yorktown district for 34 years.  Vinny started the first Yorktown
High School Boys Gymnastics Team and coached them for 14 years.  He was very successful; 5 times Gymnastics “Coach of the Year” and 10 prestigious
Con Edison Sports Award winners, in addition to many Sectional and State Champions.  He also started the Yorktown Men’s Gymnastics Invitational
Meet which became one of the premier high school gymnastic events in the East.

Vinny also was a gymnastics judge and then became certified as a Nationally rated Collegiate Judge. He judged many College and University gymnastics competitions,
where he judged champions such as Bart Conner and Kurt Thomas. He also had the privilege of judging the Y.M.C.A. National Championships.
Anita also became involved in gymnastics at the recreational level, where she grew up on Long Island . While raising 3 children, she still found the time to judge
many High School competitions as a New York State High School Gymnastics Judge. 

During the spring of 1980 the owner of Hudson Valley Gymnastics, located in Buchanan, was moving to New Jersey , and he approached Vinny to
see if he was interested in buying his program.  This was a very big decision for Vinny since he would have to leave “his kids” at the Yorktown
High School Team.  It would also be a lifestyle change for their family, as Vinny was working a full time teaching and then also coaching at their
new Gymnastics City all year long.  Their plan was to hire a highly dedicated staff of gymnastics professionals who were great teachers, loved kids, and
committed to bestow the benefits of gymnastics and provide a program to meet the needs of the recreational gymnasts as well as those students who
wanted to move into the
competitive area.  They teach the young children how to overcome obstacles; to "stick to it" and realize "you can do it." 
Children then understand the benefits that hard work and effort that went into learning a skill will produce success.

Anita was the manager, and also worked the front office.  They started the program in the Fall of 1980.  That first year they built the gymnasts from
about 50 to up over 300 gymnasts.  About midway through the year, they found out they did not have a lease on the building, and they would have
to find another facility by the beginning of the next school year.  The parents were very supportive, some baked us a cake that said “We’ll follow you
wherever you go”!  That’s how Gymnastics City was born! They then found an old facility formerly a boy’s private school on Jacobs Hill Rd. in
They stayed for only 4 years because the new owners took the property over to build a health club for new condominium complex.

The next adventure took the Savastano's to Mohegan Lake where their landlord built a building for their needs and it was there permanent home
for 10 years!  Then when that lease ran out in 1995 it was another move to their permanent location on 202 in Cortlandt Manor, where they built
their new 15,000 sq. ft  “State of the Art” facility, and
have been there for 24 years. Their daughter Elena joined the team and added her expertise
and new blood with new ideas to improve on an already great program.

It’s been a long journey over those years for the Savastano’s.  The best part was getting to know many thousands of gymnasts and their families
that grew up in this area and came to learn the basics and beyond of the wonderful sport of gymnastics, which incorporates; strength flexibility,
speed, balance, coordination, power and discipline.  Whether the child is involved in our Baby Stars 6-18 months, Gym Stars ages 3-5 or our
Recreational Gymnastics programs ages 5-18; or with on their competitive Team, they all benefit a child’s overall development. 

After a few years their daughter Elena joined the staff and is now their Program Director, as well as the Head Team Coach.  Gymnastics City belongs
to the U.S.A.I.G.C. (United States Association of Gymnastics Clubs), and the I.A.I.G.C. (International Association of Independent Gymnastic Clubs). 
Elena, Vinny and their most highly qualified and dedicated staff have produced many of New York State 's finest Gymnasts.   Many, many of
gymnasts have won numerous Local, State and National competitions.  They have had a remarkable track record becoming
one of the most successful programs in the U.S.A.  

This year,  the Gym City Teams had over 23 New York State Champions and 20 of them attended the U.S.A.I.G.C. Worlds competition in
, Tennesee, competing against gymnasts from all over the United States and also Teams representing gymnasts from 6 countries: Canada ,
, Germany , Wales , France , and South Africa .  Gym City brought home 101 Medals and 6 - 1st place World Champions!  The coaches
were ecstatic over the performance of our gymnasts.  What a great experience for all the gymnasts and coaches meeting people from all over
the USA and those countries

Through the years our Gym City Staff has trained virtually thousands of youngsters to love the sport of gymnastics and prepare for life. We
are a family run business celebrating our 40th Anniversary, and we continue to enjoy providing a friendly atmosphere, service with a smile
and the spirit of challenging your child to gain his/or her fullest potential.

It’s been a lot hard work, commitment, dedication, perserverance and a true Labor of Love for this family who love the sport of gymnastics and the wonderful
kids and their families they have known over the years.  They now have the children of some of the Mom’s they have taught through the years. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped us over the 40 Year's! It's been a pleasure seeing our Gymnasts from little kids to becoming
Doctor, Nurses, Teachers, Lawyers, Pilots, Engineers, Mothers and More!!!

The Savastano’s have 7 grandchildren ages 11-22, Tiffany, Nicolette, Gianna, Nicholas, Dominic, Vinny III, and Christian. 
They are fortunate they all live nearby and get to see each other as their busy schedules permit! 
The Savastano’s want to thank the community for all their support through the 40 years!