Updated:  01/18/2018  


DANCE    Tuesdays 5:00 - 6:00            

CARTWHEEL-A-THON (For PUERTO RICO - Huricane Irma & Maria) 
You raised $6,021 ! THANK YOU



Nice Letter from a Team Parent:           


           Hi Elena,

          Thank you so much.  The win definitely helped but actually you had a lot to do

          with my daughter having so much more confidence simply because you told her

          she was rocking it.  She was talking about it the whole way down.  You mean so

          much to her.  She walked in feeling so much less nervous and it made a big difference.  

         The win definitely made her feel great and will hopefully continue her confidence.  

         Thank you so much for all you do for her.  She really loves you and you always

         know just what to say to her. She needs you to kick her in the butt sometimes and

         that's just as important as when you praise her hard work.  She knows your praise

         is genuine and only comes when earned.  Private lessons with you was top on her

        Christmas list.  I don't tell you this for any reason other than for you to know that

        you touch lives with what you do.  Your profession is thankless at times, challenging

        always and it constantly tests our patients.  People only tell us what we have done

        wrong or could have done better....I just wanted to tell you thank you and you have

        a special gift.  We really appreciate all you do!


Tues        Jan.    23rd    DANCE - All Levels 

Tues        Jan.    30th    DANCE - All Levels

Sun.     Feb.    4th     Gym City Meet - Valentine Extravagenza                                                                    

Tues        Feb.     6th     DANCE - Bronze & Silver

Tues        Feb.    13th    DANCE - All Levels

* Gym City Closed > President's Week:  Sunday Feb. 18th - Sunday Feb. 25th 

Tues        Feb.   27th     DANCE - All Levels

Fri - Sat or Sun.   Mar. 10th - 11th  Crystal Springs Invitational (East Brunswick, NJ)
                                                                                   85 miles from Gym City

Tues        Mar.     6th    DANCE - Copper 1 & Copper 2 

Tues        Mar.     13th   DANCE - Bronze & Silver

Tues        Mar.     20th   DANCE - All Levels


Fri - Sat or Sun.   Mar. 17th - 18th  Beach Party Invitational (Plainville, L.I.)
                                                                                    63 miles from Gym City 


* Gym City Closed > Spring Break:  Sunday April 1st  - Sunday April 8th 

Tues        Apr.     10th       DANCE - Bronze & Silver

Tues        Apr.     17th       DANCE -
Copper 1 & Copper 2 

Tues       Apr.      24th       DANCE - All Levels

Tues       May     1st      DANCE - All Levels

 MAY            USAIGC New York State Championships for COPPER, BRONZE & SILVER
Sat.-Sun.               Charles Dickerson High School - Trumansburg, NY (Near Ithaca)   
May 5 - 6
             212 miles from Gym City

Tues       May    8th       DANCE - Copper 1 & Copper 2 

Tues       May   15th      DANCE - Bronze & Silver 

Tues       May   22nd     DANCE - All Levels

Tues       May   29th      DANCE - Bronze - Silver - Gold

Tues      June      5th      DANCE - Copper 1 & Copper 2 

Tues      June     12th     DANCE - All Levels

Tues      June     19th      DANCE - All Levels


JUNE      USAIGC WORLDS  Orlando, Florida  

                Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress
, Orlando Florida 

                      Tenative Competition Dates: Saturday June 24 - Sunday July 1.

           Each Level on a Different Day beginning with Copper 1