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Ages: 3 to 5 years old

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Gymnastics City has a nationally renowned Pre-School program. 
We have our Tiny Tot Program for children from
3 to 5  years old. The ratio of students to instructor is a maximum of 6 to 1. 
The 1 hour class begins with a 
warm-up, using music, rhythm sticks, ribbons etc. 
Various body positions are learned at this time. 

After the warm-up the children rotate from one event
to the next.  Each week a different Obstacle Course is
setup on the Floor Exercise carpet.  In addition, the
children utilize the Trampoline, Balance Beam, Uneven
Bars and Tumble Trac. 
All basic motor skills natural to a child: running, jumping, climbing, swinging, hanging, etc. are used in many variations and combinations. This gives the child fluency of movement and the exhilaration that comes from being in motion.  Consequently, strength and endurance will increase. 

The students learn to get along with other boys and girls of their own age. They learn to understand that other children have fears too, and that not every child can do everything, and there is room for error and success in every situation. Students are encouraged to appreciate each
other's progress. 

The spirit of these classes is always pleasurable, playful, exploring and flexible. 
Clearly, what better tool could we
use to touch the emotions of a child, to instill a sense of
self-worth, accomplishment and joy, than the one that is natural to this age; the tool of movement!

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   1:30  -  2:30 P.M.
     9:45 -  10:45 A.M.
   12:45 -    1:45 P.M.
     9:45  -  10:45 A.M.
   12:45  -    1:45 P.M.
      9:45  -  10:45 A.M.
    12:45 -     1:45 P.M.
       9:00 -  10:00 A.M.
      10:00 -  11:00A.M. 




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