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I want to thank Vinny Savastano, Anita Savastano and Elena Savastano Thompson for a wonderful evening. First and foremost it is extremely thoughtful 
and generous for them to provide such a lovely celebration for all the team girls, their families, and staff!  Secondly, how wonderful it was to get to see each 
of the team girls showcase the skills they have acquired through determination, hard work and the support of their amazing coaches!  It is also both heart-warming 
and evident that Gymnastics City holds true over time to be a family dynamic that shines through in the way the girls interact with their teammates, their coaches, 
the way the staff interact with each other and the way both the girls and the staff interact with all of you; Vinny, Anita and Elena.  It is most definitely a product of 
something you built, modeled and fostered over many years.  A tradition of a family business that opened its family up your dedicated staff and the young people 
and their families that you work with each day. It is truly something that makes Gymnastics City unique and special.  I am so glad that Kyra and our family get to be 
a small part of such a big and wonderful thing!  What a great night. Thank you again for your generosity and wonderful celebrations.

Anita Savastano it is the educator in me that sees the patience each of your coaches has, knowing how difficult it can be to know that each child may need a 
different approach to get them to be their best and yet the coaching staff does just that, knowing that you must push them to excel and that praise must be genuine 
or children will see through that...your coaches know that too.....it is the educator in me that sees that.....but is is the Mom in me that sees the warmth, the care, 
it is the Mom in me that appreciates beyond words the way my daughter is handled when she is in your care, the way that life lessons we teach at home are 
reinforced (determination, being a good team mate, working hard, being responsible) and it is both that thanks your for your generosity tonight!  You and Vinny 
have definitely established something special that you have passed onto Elena and now the three of you pass onto your staff. 
Thank you ALL and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to your family!